FCJ-042 Excerpts From‘Portrait Of The VJ’

Mark Amerika
University of Colorado, Boulder

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Launch Excerpts From‘Portrait Of The VJ’

Author’s Biography

Mark Amerika, who has been named a “Time Magazine 100 Innovator” as part of their continuing series of features on the most influential artists, scientists, entertainers and philosophers into the 21st century, has had four retrospectives of his digital art work. Recently Amerika has begun a new research project devoted to what he calls Life Style Practice (LSP). As part of this Life Style Practice, Amerika integrates his life as a nomadic net artist with international VJ tours, DVD with surround sound installations, hactivist performances, and what he refers to a “cyberpsychogeographical drifting.” Some of the recent digital traces left behind in this emerging Life Style Practice include CODEWORK, DJRABBI, and SOCIETY OF THE SPECATCLE (A DIGITAL REMIX). An extended biography is available at

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